Custom Course Materials

Copy Cat, the University's full service copying and binding center located at 3949 Forbes Avenue, offers convenient, one-stop Custom Course Materials Service for University faculty. Instructors compile materials they want to teach including original work, chapters from books, business cases, or journal, magazine and newspaper articles. Faculty submit the following to Copy Cat: (1) completed copy of the request/bibliography form (mailed to faculty three months prior to the start of the term or may be obtained at Copy Cat), and (2) a complete copy of materials to be included in the packet. Copy Cat handles the rest, including obtaining copyright permissions through the Copyright Clearance Center, 4000 Fifth Avenue (University Book Store), printing and selling packets to the students. All packets are saved on data tape for future retrieval and editing. Instructors receive one complimentary copy of the packet. Copyright fees, copying and binding charges are calculated into the price of the packet. For more information about Custom Course Materials Service, call Copy Cat at 412-624-0553 or Copyright Clearance Center at 412-624-1468.