Extending Offers/Resignation

A certain amount of mobility of faculty members among colleges and universities is desirable in higher education. The departure of a faculty member, however, requires changes within his or her institution and may entail major adjustments on the part of colleagues, the administration, and students. The University subscribes to the generally-accepted practice of not extending a faculty member who is currently employed at another academic institution an offer of employment for the beginning of the next academic year after May 1 of the current academic year, unless there is agreement with the other institution that such an offer would be permissible.

For additional information, please reference the Provost's memorandum of May 8, 2006, "Faculty Recruitment and Resignation Deadlines."

With regard to resignation, the University subscribes to the applicable standards, as referenced in AC 03 Academic Responsibilities and Professional Conduct (formerly 02-04-02), a faculty member who has been approached with regard to another position should inform the department chair or dean or campus president when such negotiations are in progress.  When a faculty member concludes an agreement to accept an appointment elsewhere the department chair or dean or campus president should receive prompt written notice. If accepting other employment effective at the beginning of the next academic year, he or she should resign no later than May 15 of that year.  The individual should not vacate a position during and academic year for which he or she holds an appointment, except by agreement with his or her department chair or dean or campus president.

The complete policy referenced above can be viewed at AC 03 Academic Responsibilities and Professional Conduct (formerly 02-04-02).

A doctoral committee member who leaves the University is generally replaced unless the dissertation is almost complete or the member has an essential role on the committee. In the latter case, the dean's approval should be obtained. When the chair of a committee leaves and cannot be conveniently replaced, a co-chair must be appointed from within the department. The restructured committee requires the approval of the department chair or director of the school's doctoral program and the dean. If the defense takes place within a few months of the chair's departure, the requirement of appointing the co-chair is usually waived.