Grade Reporting

Faculty are expected to know all relevant University policies on grading, including Section 09-01, University Grading, in the University Policy and Procedure Manuals (see below), and the grading policy of the school in which the course is offered. In accordance with the Guidelines on Academic Integrity, faculty should "perform their grading duties and other academic evaluations in a timely manner."

The University's Office of the Registrar provides detailed instructions for the completion of grade rosters. Grade rosters are due in the Registrar's Office after the course final examination is given but no later than noon on the final grade due date as published in the University Academic Calendar. (Earlier deadlines may be established by departments and/or dean's offices which monitor the grading process.) Grades received after the Registrar's Office deadline will be considered delinquent and will be reported to the appropriate dean.

Relevant Policies