ID Center

ID Cards

Every student, faculty and central staff member at the University of Pittsburgh must obtain an ID card from Panther Central, located in the Litchfield Towers Main Lobby. Employees at the regional campuses may arrange to obtain ID cards by contacting their campus personnel office. Faculty and staff IDs provide identification for access to University facilities and services such as the campus bus, Port Authority Transit (PAT) System, University libraries, recreational facilities, access to University computer facilities, accounts at the University Book Center and Computing Services & Systems Development CAP accounts, and Panther Funds (Panther Card debit program).

There is no charge for the initial ID card; however, there is a $20 non-refundable fee for cards that are lost, stolen, or damaged. ID cards are the property of the University, are not transferable, and must be surrendered to the department head upon termination.

For additional information, refer to University Identification Cards AO 36 (formerly 07-10-01); stop in or call Panther Central, Litchfield Towers Main Lobby, 412-648-1100; or visit the Panther Central website.