Immigration Requirements for Work Authorization

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 as amended states that employers may hire only United States citizens, permanent residents, and non-immigrant aliens who are authorized to work in the United States. The law requires every employer, including the University of Pittsburgh, to prospectively verify the identity and employment eligibility of every applicant for employment by completing form I-9 prior to hiring him or her as a University employee. Individuals without proper work authorization documents and who do not properly and timely complete form I-9 may not begin work or be compensated.

Employees must complete the appropriate sections of the form and also must present, for the employer's review, original documents establishing identity and/or eligibility to work. Examples of documents that establish identity and employment eligibility are indicated on form I-9. This form must be completed within three (3) days of the employee commencing work. In the event that an employee would for any reason lose eligibility for continued employment, employment must be immediately discontinued, and the individual should be removed from the payroll until satisfactory documentation of employment eligibility can be submitted and approved by the University.

Questions about the Immigration Reform Act should be directed to the Director, Office of International Services, or to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources. A copy of the procedures for compliance with the Immigration Reform Act of 1986 may be obtained from either of these offices.

For additional information, refer to ER 08 Employment Eligibility Verification: I-9 (formerly 07-01-04).