Professional Service within the University

Although arrangements may differ from school to school, the usual understandings are as follows:

  1. Ordinarily a course taught in another department or school, which is also open and relevant to the interests of students of the department or school of which the instructor is a member, is provided without extra compensation or transfer of funds. The course is considered in determining the instructor's workload.
  2. Occasional assistance in regular courses offered in other parts of the University by giving a lecture, serving as a resource person, or substituting when the regular instructor cannot be present carries no extra remuneration.
  3. Likewise, no compensation is provided for assistance of this same type regarding special programs conducted by a department or school as a part of the University's program but where no income is available for instructional services. This particularly applies to visits of educational exchange groups.
  4. Short-term contract programs and other special undertakings on a self-financing basis for which intensive preparation is required ordinarily carry compensation, either to the department or school providing the instructor or to the individual, as worked out by the deans concerned.