Textbooks and Supplies, Instructional Materials, and Subscriptions

Faculty members are advised in writing of the due dates for requisitioning textbooks and supplies. The responsibility for ordering texts and supplies is vested in the University Book Store and regional campus bookstores. Faculty members may not order textbooks for classes directly from the publisher. Faculty members are not permitted to sell any textbooks, notes, or supplies to students in class. Arrangements should be made with the University Book Store to handle all required items.

By observing the following guidelines, faculty can assist the University Book Store in providing good service in both texts and supplies:

  • Complete all portions of the Book and Supply Form (Form 0068).
  • Indicate as carefully as possible the enrollment anticipated for the course.
  • Send completed requisitions by the date requested to the Book Centers to avoid inconvenience to students. Properly prepared requisitions returned on time serve the University Book Store as guides in buying used books that can be sold to the students at a savings over new book prices.

Book and supply information can also be submitted by e-mail. Note that when using e-mail, each required text must be submitted separately. The form can be accessed through the University Book Store website. The e-mail address is bookctr@pitt.edu.

When a departmental textbook requirement is changed after the book return privilege has expired or if the book is not returnable, the loss is charged to the account of the department that made the late change.

Publishers feel that granting of desk copies to faculty is their privilege. Requests should be made directly to publishers by faculty on departmental stationery.

The University Book Store's or Central Business Services' reproduction service, "Copy Cat," can obtain copyright permissions. A sufficient lead time is necessary to obtain permissions and have the material printed. The manual or article must be listed as a required text on the Book and Supply Form (Form 0068).

For additional information, refer to University Policy Textbooks, Instructional Materials, and Subscriptions FN 25 (formerly 05-05-01) or call the University Book Store at telephone 412-648-1455.