Unpaid Leave of Absence

A faculty member applying for leave without pay shall submit a written request and obtain the endorsements of the appropriate department chair and the dean or campus president, and in the Health Sciences, the Senior Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences. Such a request shall specify the period of time and the reason for such request.

Leaves of absence are approved by the Provost and the request should be forwarded to the Provost before December 1 of the academic year preceding the desired period of leave.

If the faculty member elects to continue coverage during an unpaid leave of absence, they are responsible for the full premium costs.  All University contributions to health and welfare benefits during an unpaid leave of absence are suspended.

During unpaid leaves of absence, the faculty member may elect to terminate health and welfare benefits by contacting the Benefits Department within 60 days from the start of their leave.  Failure to contact the Benefits Department to terminate plan participation will result in continued coverage and premium responsibility.  Upon return from the leave, it is the responsibility of the faculty member to reactivate participation, if applicable, within 60 days from their leave return date by submitting the appropriate enrollment forms to the Benefits Department of the Office of Human Resources.

During unpaid leaves of absence, all University contributions toward retirement are suspended. Upon return from the leave, participation will be activated in the same plan, unless the faculty member makes other arrangements, subject to the provisions of the plan.